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In-Pack Promotion Marketing

Insight Promotions leads the industry in automated in-pack promotions that run directly in customers’ plants at line speeds.

As promotional pack experts, we have in-packed over 1 billion 3D and 2D items for our customers in the past 12 years.

Insight customers know that distinctive promotions can bring powerful results, and they turn to us for their most challenging in-pack promotions. They rely on our turnkey process and proven success in complex program execution—such as in-packing metal containing premiums, CDs, and fragile food product samples, all of which we pioneered in the industry.

3D Premiums

At over 600 million 3D promotional in-packs and counting, Insight Promotions brings cutting-edge technology to in-pack promotions execution. Our customized solutions have streamlined automated in-packing of fragile and odd-shaped premiums like bobble-head dolls, pedometers, plush toys, figurines, and more.

Specializing in seamless automation on the line, the Insight team brings a consultative approach and innovative spirit to each project, converting hundreds of creative promotional in-pack concepts into operational realities for our customers.

2D Premiums

Insight Promotions applies the same innovative methodologies to 2D in-pack promotions. With more than 450 million 2D items in-packed to-date, we have experience inserting CDs, DVDs, lenticular cards, recipe booklets, coupons, tattoos, and much more.

Renowned for expertise, efficiency, and seamless processes, Insight Promotions supports marketing and operations with integrated promotional in-pack management, helping you add value to your products without impacting the productivity of customers' internal teams.

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